Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mr Rain and Miss Snow

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Dear Snow and Rain,

I really hate you right now.

Sure you are needed to Mr. Rain you are needed to make things grow, and Miss Snow you sure are beautiful, but, I really hate you.

I long so much for Miss Spring to come along in all her splendor and to spread her warmth along these mountains.

But alas, it she will not be coming for a little while longer and I am stuck with you two.

You make me stay in my home, and in my boredom I eat lots of chocolate.

I want to go and walk, I want to take my sun out into the sunlight without having to bundle him up.

I could handle Mr Rain when it is warm....but Miss Snow you simply have to go back to where ever it is you stay when Miss Spring and Mr Summer come out to play.

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