Friday, February 26, 2010


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Upon realizing that I didn't have all the information I wanted to put into my giveaway post. I decided to save the draft and just blog normally until I get the email I am waiting on. I can't wait for this giveaway, I am all giddy for you ladies!

Moving on before I spoil the surprise. Xay has not been quite himself. I am not sure if it's due to the weather or the prevnar shot but I do not plan to finish out the series of shots. I think the stuffy nose is just weather related but he has been super fussy and restless. He normally would put up a small fight before going to sleep. Now he screams...not cry...screams. It has been like this for the last two days. He is just fussy in general which is not like him at all. It's disturbing to not know what is wrong or how to make it better.Of course I worry when it comes to shots and I think that I will finish the hep b at 6 months and not do any more shots. I might consider it when he gets older but I don't think so.

On other news Xay says I at first wasn't going to say anything because I really believed that he had just accidentally stumbled across it in his baby jibberish. However, after the 7th time of it happening most whenever PJ was close by I realized that this was the beginning of a downward slide (kidding). I was mildly sad that it had to be dada but it makes me feel better that he mimicks the sounds but not quite the words of I love you when you say it to him (which isn't surprising with as much as he hears it).

Speaking of copying, did I tell you all he sticks his tongue out? He copied me which makes me more concious of what I do in front of him. But he never really did it in if I stuck my tongue out he would look at me like I was crazy and then when I wasn't doing it anymore he would stick his tongue out. Yesterday however, PJ was sitting in front of him talking and playing with him and he stuck his tongue out at Xay and as soon as Xay saw PJ's tongue out his came.

He is growing so fast and the milestones are coming fast. I didn't expect it to happen this fast. I am happy and proud don't get me wrong but I am also sad. Does that make sense? I can understand my moms fears about me. The only difference is that I curve mine because I don't want to smother my son with being so overprotective.

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  1. Babies usually say dada first cause it's easier for them...I'm sure he'll be saying mama soon!

    You've won an award...


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