Saturday, February 6, 2010


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I lost misplaced his bath tub (actually it is downstairs in moms bathroom but I didn't realize that till he was butt naked). I ended up giving him a bath in my small bathroom was interesting to say the least because he is so long the his feet stuck out of the sink. He thought it was great though. 

I posted yesterday telling of how Xadrian had really laughed out loud for the first time. Well he had been learning to scoot things towards his mouth but hadn't really picked anything up till today....I was sitting as usual at my desk typing away with him sitting on the boppy pillow on my lap. I had just sat the rattle in front of him because he was getting sleepy and fussy and I paused long enough to catch him picking the rattle up and proceeding to chew on it. I was amazed....and sad and happy all at once. It makes me sad to know that he is growing up so seems like yesterday when he was born and now he is picking things up. But I am happy for the little accomplishments he makes each day and I look forward to being able to see them.

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  1. That onesie is so awesome! My hubby would love it if our kid was wearing that. Like your blog.


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