Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's in the mail.....

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So my parents and I went today and filed our taxes. Yep I get back a whole $153 for my federal taxes, $65 for my state, $6000 from my parents (they got back a little over $7600) and then I also get $1053 from financial aid from school. So that means I get a whopping total of $7271. Now here is where it all goes:

Capital One credit card                    - $1187.33
Citi Cards (fyi bastards)                   - $1871.62
Dell Financial Services                     - $1691.56
Goody's Credit card                        - $628.77
Cell Phone & Internet (back pay)     -$289.38

Which means the grand total that I am paying out in the month of March is $5668.66. Which means that when all is said and done I will clear $1602.34. I intend on spending some of that on some developmental toys for Xay and a couple new outfits (which I am going to try and sale some of mine) and maybe (doubtful cuz I am stingy) I might buy a wii.

It's all quite you pay in taxes for years and after years of never getting shit back one day you get enough to pay for what needs to be done. Obama raised several tax credits for which I am very thankful. My family has been struggling and my parents are looking at bankruptcy. So every little bit helps. Now instead of worrying about my bills out the money I make I can worry about taking care of my parents and my son. 

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  1. You should so buy a pikkolo or a beco Oh snap and then let me have it. Just saying.

    haha, Just kidding. But I am DYING to try one or both of those carriers. I have no money to purchase either, but I have that itchy need to buy a carrier.

    And yes, I drink wine. I drank it in my pregnancy (*gasp*) when I'd be too nauseous to think and it worked wonders for nausea. I might drink one glass every 6 months or so... only when I haven't slept in over a week and I need to be sleepy. I'm not in love with the taste, but I think its one you have to acquire.


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