Friday, February 26, 2010

Giving Cloth Diapers a try!

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So I always wanted to try cloth diapers. When I stumbled across The Shopping Mama's blog and she was giving away a intro pack of cloth diapers I was excited but never figured I would win out of all the entries. Luck however was on my side and I won a set of real nappies.

Today when I got home I was excited that my pack was here. It included a nappy liner, cotton nappy insert, and a nappy cover. So I decided to give it a try. As a matter of fact Xay is in it right now sleeping on my lap. Am I confident in them? Well that is to be determined. I never thought I would be a cloth diaper person. I mean I like the idea but we will see how this turns out. If I like it I will probably go ahead and by a set of liners, another insert and cover. Maybe. I dunno. I know one thing though this is strictly for while we are at home and when it isn't bed time because the potential mess does not appeal to me. But it can't be as bad as normal diapers leaking right?

Here are a couple pics of Xay and his nappy!

Note the tongue....he had it stuck out when
I started to take the picture!

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