Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can it sprout a boob mommy?

Today was good. Xay, Dad, and I went to Church and then they had a dinner because it was our Church's 8th birthday. Xay got to see his friend Keevia. He thought she was awesome! But he thought her daddy sure tasted mighty good....

Carl was slightly amused? It was like he was eating a corn on the cob or maybe he thought Carl's finger would suddenly sprout a boob....
It was very cute....and he was latched on good because you could hear when Carl took his hand away. 
Speaking of Xadrian he has yet to poop....this is day 2 of no poop. He is super gassy and it is super smelly. You can just tell he don't feel on top of his game. Mom was wanting me to give him apple juice or carao syrup. I really don't want to. We gave him gripe water and we are going to see how that goes. 

I left him with mom so I could go to choir. Actually I wanted to take him with me....heck I would be happy to take him every where I go. But I am apparently not allowed to take my son anywhere by myself.....oh I can go if mom or PJ or dad is with me. It bugs me. I mean I am turning 21 this year and he is my son. Why is it that I still feel like a child? Easy my mom. She does not want me out of her sight....and she is about as bad when it comes to my son. I haven't decided a good way to combat her overprotective overbearing ways. I mean I could just be honest but then that just causes a major fight and considering I live under her roof and she watches my son whenever I can't I am not sure I want to make her mad. 

Any suggestions for this and for making my breastfed baby to poop?


  1. Give him a little sugar water. It will do the trick everytime! Just add a small amount of sugar to some water!!

  2. It's totally normal for a baby to not poop for days. My baby did that too and I was all freaked out. Pear juice helps speed things along if you can't stand smelling the gas any longer!


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