Sunday, January 10, 2010


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Okay so I am sure most are you are familiar with the fact that I was unhappy about how much I weighed...mainly because I could not fit in my clothes. So I have been eating and doing everything the same...almost. I haven't been eating as much or as many times a day. I am the type of person that eats when I am bored. So I have been trying to curve that because I will eat a whole box of donuts in one sitting if I ain't careful. Anyways I weighed 136.5 two weeks ago and I hadn't weighed myself since then (mainly cause I was scared I gained weight) however that is not the case I stripped down to my undies for an accurate reading and stepped on to the scales and low and behold I have lost 3 pounds...I now weigh in at 133.2! I swear my boobs however weigh 2lbs a piece from all this milk (Yeah I was a normal I am almost out of a D). So yeah this is so freaking awesome! My goal for the next two weeks before I weigh in again...
limit my snacks down to:
- 1 pack (4 donuts) of donuts a day instead of 3 or 4
- 1 pack of poptarts instead of 2
- 4 pepsi's instead of 7-8 (insert water instead for the remaining)
- eat at least one decent meal (with veggies)

Yeah so that is about I am off to feed my son.

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