Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Toys my son loves....

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As I sit with slobber running down my hand my son frantically chewing on the toy in my hand that I just bought I decide to attempt this post. My son has all of 5 toys...and tons of stuffed animals that were past from me to him (because of course I never got rid of mine from when I was little). So one he got as a gift before he was born, two he received for Christmas and two I bought him today with a stroke of genius to attempt to get his mind focused on something to chew on rather his his hand or mine (binky apparently only works for his mamaw who refuses to let him suck his hand/thumb in her presence). So I thought I would share with you the 5 toys that has kept him occupied for hours and that has now got him slobbering on me (only cause I have to hold them) rather then his fist.

So here goes:

I would like to start with the very simple Bright Starts rattle and shake barbell it is very basic but gets the job done. One side is just a plain rattle but on the inside of the other end is a mirror. This was actually the first toy he held by himself and amused him to no end to shake it while squealing.

For Christmas his daddy got him the Infantino jittery jungle pals lion this toy has saved me several times while riding in the car. It is an easy distraction when placed on the handle of an infant carrier seat. Lord knows I have sat and pulled this enough times to keep him from having a total melt down. As a matter of fact he likes to quarl at it. 

As for my Christmas present to him I got him the Bright Starts tug tunes lion which gets packed on the diaper bag everywhere. Xadrian loves music and this is one of the first toys we first for at this point to keep him entertained. Bright colors and several short (my only complain) songs keep him occupied for long periods of times.

The newest toys are both teethers. I still am not sure if he is teething (lots of drool and chewing on things) or if he is just a chewer (which will be interesting to see how high everything goes when he gets to moving) or what.

So the first toy which he latched his mouth onto and soon as it came close to his mouth was the Bright Starts soothing snail. It has this gel in the you can chill and let him chew on for as long as he likes. As a matter of fact it is in the refrigerator at the moment because I wanted to see if he would take it cool. He seems to like it though and it is easy to pack in a diaper bag, purse, or a pocket.

The last toy is the Fisher-Price musical teether key,these were what it was chewing on at the beginning of this post. They have three different imprints on the teether part giving different feeling textures to chew on. Add some bright color and some noises and you have a happy baby who in my case slobbers all over you while you hold the toy.

So there you have it his toys of love. If you haven't noticed I am fond of Bright Starts toys. I like the bright colors, the patterns, the textures, the....well you get the point. Though I still haven't got a lot of experience with them. I am anxiously waiting for him to really grasp the idea of toys because I am really wanting to get him the LeapFrog my puppy pal Scout they also have one for little girls that is named Violet. You can download stuff to customize the puppy such as your child's name (not sure really how that will work with my sons name), music, learning songs, etc. Very cool if you ask me. I think I am more amused by these toys then him (still a child at heart when it comes to toys :-p)

Anyways he decided to eat and now is sleeping peacefully in my lap. So I reckon I will browse a little online before curling into bed. It's way to cold and I have classes in the morning *sighs* I need to locate a warmer outfit then what I had planned (via the iphone closet app....haha don't even have to leave the warmth of my bed to decide what to wear).

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