Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pageants and Boobs

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Yesterday was a long day. As many of you know I am was a pageant girl. Done beauty pageants since I was 3 months old sometimes I wanted to and other times because my mom wanted me to. Be that as it may now that I can't do them anymore until I get married I feel myself missing them terribly and yesterday was one of those days. I had been in the county fair system of pageants since I was 13 and had I of not got pregnant yesterday would have been the third year I would have been at Miss Kentucky County Fair. However life happened but I still went and watched the pageant. Let me first say I officially hate watching pageants that are long, it is one think when I am competing but to have to sit and watch 89 girls compete in three separate competitions well lets just say that is more my moms cup of tea. But yeah the pageant started at 6:00pm and lasted till 10:30pm and let me tell you if you haven't already guessed my boobs felt like they were going to explode. Which I did feed him but not as long as he or I wanted to. But my friend who I competed with a lot who also was the only other girl of color that made it to state (me and her were the only two normally) also had a baby almost a month after me (funny how it happened that way) and she is breastfeeding also (it's the new trend duh!). So I got to see her baby and we got a picture together which I will post at the end of this.

So we were in Louisville which is 2.5 hours away but last night it took 2hours 45minutes to get home cuz of construction and because of weather. So I got home and my boobs were so full I couldn't even get the breast pump to get a good enough suction to work (never happened before). So yeah My whole shirt one wet (literally it took up one who side of my shirt). I was miserable and so was Xay who was terribly upset with me for breaking his bedtime routine of going to bed at around 11:30 and letting him nurse to sleep. So my goal now is to make sure when I got out I have clothes that are appropriate and a blanket big enough that I can feed him where ever. I hate pumping by the way I hate it with a purple passion....maybe it is the pump I hate I really liked the medela. I think I will do a separate post about breast pumps.

But yeah long day glad I don't do that often. Here is the pic for you:

So that is Whitney and baby Bryce who was 2 months old yesterday,
and then Xay and Me and he will be 3 months Tuesday.

The size difference was astounding. Is it normal for Xadrian to be so big? I am guessing that Xay is around 15lbs now. I swear I look at the babies who are close to him in age and their size and I feel like my son is big...he his but you understand what I am saying? He is big for his age I know he is portioned to his height but still the rate he is going mom and me won't be able to pack him...hell without my moby wrap I can't pack him for any length of time without my arms getting so tired. *sighs* He is a work of art and my pride and joy. So I guess I shouldn't worry unless the pediatrician says to.

Well I am off to get me a drink and clean up.

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