Sunday, January 10, 2010

Never happy

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It seems I can never be happy. At least not where PJ is concerned. I mean I wanted him to get a job and he did it's good paying what I didn't bargin for was him working all tr overtime hours. I mean even on his days off! It is not because he has to it is because he wants to and I am so angry about it. I mean I wouldn't mind but he neglects his duty as a father. Hell I feel like I am a single parent even though he is in the house. I take care of Xay or my mom does...what does he do? He plays with him for a few minutes and then hands him back to me. I am not complaining about Xay I love being a mom I just feel like I shouldn't have all the responsibility. I think PJ should take his share but it isn't going to happen. Hell I can't even remember the last time he changed Xay's diaper but I do know he never did it without me telling him. I just feel exhasperated! Well I am in church so service is getting ready to start. Maybe the Lord will give me a solution. I certainly need help knowing what to do.

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