Thursday, January 21, 2010

Medela vs Ameda : My breastpump war

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As many of you all already know I am a breastfeeding mommy of a 3 month old. When I was two weeks postpartum I went back to work and thus began pumping. At that time I had a Medela breast pump on loan. In December I was asked to bring it back and then finally in January before school and work started back I was given a permanent Ameda breast pump. I should be happy it was free and that it for the most part serves it purpose but had I actually been buying a pump I most certainly would not have choose it. So thus I am going to impart my knowledge and compare the two pumps that I am familiar with. Be sure to click their headings to check them out for yourself.

Ameda Purely Yours w/ backpack
This was my second pump and the one that I am not so fond of. It is true that it has 8 settings, but my issue is that it doesn't seem to have good suction if you have bigger breasts (maybe it's the nipple instead?). I normally have to give it a little help by hand-expressing while it is sucking which means instead of being able to take advantage of the dual pumping quality I have to do one then the other. This makes for a rather time consuming task. The cost of the pump (if you aren't like me and got it free through the local health department) is around $229. It cycles 30-60 times per minute with a suction strength of 100-200 mm Hg in 1 second. The cooler comes with and stores 6 bottles.

Medela Pump In Style Advanced

Not only was this the first breast pump I ever laid eyes on (used a version the day after I gave birth), it was also the one that I got roughly a week and a half after I gave birth. At that time I figured a pump was a pump. I was proved wrong obviously and wish I could have kept this one. It was simple and sleek. It didn't take it long to get the job done so that I was on my way to work or even sitting on the computer. This particular brand is hospitals number one pick and quite frankly it is mine too. It cost around $300 and is worth every penny of it. It cycles 44-62 times per minute and has a suction strength of 100-225 mm Hg in 1 second. The cooler only comes with and handles 4 bottles.

I am not sure if that helps you all or not. Ameda is quite simple and there is nothing to it however the Medela gets the job done more effectively and quicker. I loathe my Ameda and after the whole had to hand express milk because my breasts were to full just fueled my dislike.

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