Thursday, January 21, 2010

I boycott Citi Cards (I wish I could at least)

Okay now that I got those two post out of the way I felt the need to finally get to my general post. Today was...well it was. I went to my classes, went to work, came home and done bills. And that is when my day turned sour. I have missed all of one payment and I sorted it out and now after all these month of paying my bill they raised my APR to 29.99% and that is the same thing they threaten you with as a penalty APR I was am livid. It would be different if I never paid my bill but for them to do that with no reason WTF? It is not as though I am even using my credit card at this point. I am more focused on trying to pay of the $5500 worth of debt I dug myself into when I was 16-18 and that ladies and gentlemen is why you never let a teenager loose with a credit card. Sure it is handy at times but I simply didn't have as good of money management when it came to plastic as I did with cash and now and for the foreseeable future I will be paying that off. To make matters worse is that because I have that much debt and not and good enough job to support it, I can not possibly be approved for a car loan. But my main complaint I guess is the fact that my min. payment went from being around $53 to $72. I do NOT work the kind of hours to handle that much of a jump....plain and simple. While I am learning how to deal with the fact I have no "me" money which I am fine with. Having "baby" money is a must and having "bill" money is an even bigger must and quite frankly I think that I won't even bother trying to do classes next semester but rather busting my butt to pay off bills. If I could pull the hours PJ is at Sykes for 6 weeks I would have my bills paid off. Not a bad thought but considering the fact I also have to work around the fact that my mom whines about watching him yet refuses to let anyone but her watch him which means Thursdays I most certainly could not work which is never good when it comes to working. I don't know what I am going to do *sighs* that seems to be the trend of my life right now. I just don't have the answers.  I knew that being a mom was going to be hard a PJ is very open to the fact that he will help me but I guess I am scared. There I admitted it. I am scared to depend on PJ because I am afraid he will mess up and loose his job or he will decide that he has better things to spend his money on and then where does that leave me? My parents raised me to be independent granted I do lean on their support but that isn't because I like the idea its just I am not in a position to be able to support myself. I just realized that I was blogging my thoughts without paying attention to what all was coming out but oh well I tend to do that a lot anyways. I just wish my life would sort itself out rather then being floating in the air.


  1. Debt wracked up from college SUCKS... it took me YEARS to crawl out from under it. Lessons learned. But you don't have to suffer now, my love. Call the credit card company and negotiate with them; tell them that the interest rate is too high and that you're thinking about rolling over the debt onto a credit card with lower interest rates but you're willing to keep it open if they drop your rate down to something much more reasonable. They will hike it at will, so you need to call them and tell them it's been hiked, you noticed, and you need it changed. You may not drop all the way back to the level you were at before you made the late payment, but they might be willing to work with you.

    As for paying baby bills, sit down and plan with PJ; do a budget, figure out how much you need in order to adequately care for your child and how much you can contribute to that, and then let him know how much you need from him to make sure his baby is fed, clothed and properly cared for... It's a conversation that needs to be had because it sounds like you're struggling trying to figure it out. Sometimes writing it down and talking it out is the best way to straighten it out...

    Good luck!

  2. Carl and I are discussing moving back to Jackson full time (YAY!!!!!!!), and if we do, I could probably watch Xay on Thursdays. You know, if your Mom would let me, haha!

    Good luck sweets. I start school loan repayment next month and Carl starts it in June. Between us we have around $25,000 of school debt.


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