Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good things happen

So things happen when you pray. As it turns out I got in the mail today informing me about the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) and the fact that I am eligible for it. Because I can claim head of household I can possibly get back $3,043 and then on top of that I can also apply for the child tax credit. So hopefully I am going to come out trump this year and will be able pay off the vast majority of my bills if not then at least the biggest on. One step at a time if I can't pay them all off then at least I will be able to pay one off a year. I will say this much once I do get these paid off I will never ever ever EVER use a credit card without knowing that I can pay it off the next bill.

Anyways, moving on I need to get my school work done but I loath the idea of having to do my English homework. Which reminds me how exactly do you do annotation? The teacher explained it but he put it in such common terms that it sounded like absolute jibberish. I know that I have to look up Academic Argument and Credibility print out a paper on each and do annotation. *sighs* Why can't I just write an academic argument paper? I would be so freaking happy if I could instead all this BS.

But yeah my exboyfriend (Greg) just showed up to talk to mom and she is showing Xadrian off. I am so glad that I am not with him anymore. Life lessons.


  1. I think it's super smart you're putting it straight to debt and not spending it on frivolous stuff! Carl and I will probably replenish our savings account if we get any money back, because we'll have to deplete it soon anyway to move.

  2. Isn't that the most exciting thing? That earned income tax credit? I just love it : )! Good luck with paying off some things when the check comes in! Always so nice to visit you via SITS!


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