Wednesday, January 13, 2010

English 102.....More like Big Fat Joke.

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Okay so I have ranted about this since I got home at 4pm from my English 102 class that was supposed to run from lasted 30 minutes.

KCTCS defines English 102 as "Emphasizes argumentative writing. Provides further instruction in drafting and systematically revising essays that express ideas in Standard English. Includes continued instruction and practice in reading critically thinking logically, responding to texts, addressing specific audiences, and researching and documenting credible academic sources."

Hill Smith's class makes that out to be a total complete lie. He walked in today and had this big paragraph written on the board he told us to write it down, rewrite it when we got home, and that next class we would have to rewrite it again from memory with no aid from notes. He said that it was the only thing we were going to be doing for the rest of the of the semester. No papers, no tests, nothing.

Okay I love to write, and this class compared to the ENG 102 class I took last semester was just down right degrading. And it is because he is stereotyping the people in Breathitt County because of people on welfare and don't care about their education.

It's just annoys me!

As for my other two classes I had today..I love them. I think my favorite this far is Intro to Conservation Biology.

Well I am not managing typing and breastfeeding very well so I am going to focus on feeding him.

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