Thursday, December 3, 2009

Who my daddy?

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Okay so my mind was officially beleive something for almost four years and then suddenly BAM the story changes. Yep that is exactly what happened over the course of 24 hours. My real mom gets minutes on her phone and gets her pills and then calls me. She says "I might of made a mistake about your and David's two might be Shane's fathers." I was like what? You know? Is this woman serious? Don't get me wrong I love Shane...not as much as David but still I love all my siblings. But seriously David and Me look more a like then me and Shane. I mean look:

This is all three of us.

This is mean and Shane.

This is me and David when I was 1 and he was about 2.

Seriously I just simply do not see it. I just don't understand how she can randomly after four years decide this and the sad thing is I will probably never know the truth unless I win the lottery and can afford and DNA test for it. Then again hell I shouldn't complain because at least if Shane's dad was our dad he is a better guy then who she originally said was our dad and our grandparents would be amazing.

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