Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The pain that is iud

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Well I went for my postpartum visit. It's so unreal that 7 weeks ago today I was in labor getting ready to have my son. He is my world the one thing that I would give my life for and not think twice. At the momen he is laying next to me in a sleepy daze and all I think is perfection. He is my ray of hope even though the rest of my life seems so hopeless.

I had my midwife put in mirena IUD for birthcontrol it's supposed to protect for 5 years but my gosh it hurt so bad and I am still cramping. But I guess it's worth it....though I still think sex is horrible. That might change but I got my son to remind me of it. Yeah I do want more kids someday but I don't want someday to be anytime soon. My solution....mirena and no sex!

I gotta take a computer final today and I am done with this semester. I can't believe I might not be able to go college next semester and if that happens I also loose my job where it is work study. If I loose my aid I will need to pay $1930.10 for Spring 2010. I do NOT have that kind of money. I am depressed about the whole situation and Christmas is around the corner and I still haven't got Xay or dad a Christmas present I just don't have the money and I hate that.

Imma try and take a nap maybe my day will be a little better when I wake.

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