Monday, December 14, 2009

Oooh the skinny jeans!

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Okay so I realized two things that I would like to share....
  1. When I got the IUD I assumed the bleeding was from quite possibly instead of being just it I think that for the first time in 11 months my period has decided to come back. *sighs* I was so enjoying not having to deal with it.
  2. I can fit (though very tightly) into a pair of my skinny jeans which up until this point were WAY to small. Still when I went to the doctor I last Friday I was still at 136lbs. I was 125lbs up until the month before I got pregnant when I was up to 130lbs which is my prepregnancy weight.....up to 152lbs the day before I had Xadrian and down to 136lbs the week after I had him. I have stayed at this weight since and would love to drop the remaining 11lbs to be back to 125lbs. Do I feel confident that I will make that happen? I HATE the idea of dieting and I think the exercise is even worse....HOWEVER if Mary (my preachers wife) starts teaching yoga again I will do that.
That is all folks...

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