Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Newsflash! Boo Boos

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 My dad works for the newspaper right? Right. So he goes to London every Wednesday to get the Newspapers from the press. Well today is Wednesday. My dad has issues picking up his feet, mainly because he is overweight and well...time has not been kind. He is very clumsy also because of all that. So he goes to London just like every week. Well he apparently was getting a bundle of 50 papers out of the building and he fell and his hand shot out behind him and he apparently either broke or dislocated his finger on his right hand which is his dominant. Now as I was saying he is clumsy because of not picking up his feet so this bound to happen sometime. But he was on the clock. So yeah it is 8:54pm right now and it is an hour and fourty five minute drive to London. And if mom has to go over and drive dad back from London that means Xay and I would have to drive over with her so I could drive her car back. Now PJ might go with us to drive but he has to be a work at 9:00am. So yeah....long night ahead of us.

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