Sunday, December 13, 2009

A new generation!

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So my parents have finally decorated for Christmas. Why I will never know because they waited so late to put it all up. But when mom gets these wild hairs she makes it happen.

Not much has been going on still waiting for the stupid astronomy teacher to turn in my E to see how bad it will effect my GPA. I have to stay above a 2.0 to keep my WIA money. I am waiting for the letter also to see what they do about my student aid. At least I got that B in intro to computers so that's good at least.

I went to Church today it is so awesome how God is blessing the Church with one baby after another. He is truly giving us a blessing of another generation. By this time next year as of right now there will be at least 4 babies and who knows what the new year will bring. In all seriousness when I send Xay to high school (cuz I plan to homeschool till then) he will be in school with kids of the people I went to school crazy.

Well Xadrian is waking up. I hope this coming week is better then the last few.

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