Thursday, December 10, 2009

Giveaways and Random news

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So first and foremost I am blogging to make note of several Giveaways of a HP TouchSmart 600. Mind you the chance in me winning is 3 in like 600 because this gets so many replies its insane! But yeah it is worth a chance at the random draw. So go over if you haven't already and check themout at MckGiveawaysKelly's KornerTotally TogetherThe Nienie Dialogues and, Boomama you might it reply and win!

As for me there isn't a lot going on. The water went out yesterday due to a water line break and everyone with city water is now without water for possibly the rest of the week. That includes us. Then half of the county has been without electricity since 2pm yesterday. Mind you that really has to suck considering it is a high today of 28 degrees.

Mom has papers today so I guess I will go with her though I am not really sure yet because it is cold and I have to take Xay with me.

I took my final so I am done with school and today is my last day of work. I don't know what I am going to do after the holidays. Speaking of holidays yeah my family is ripped apart this year. My moms son (my brother by adoption) refuses to let us step foot on his property....which his daughter, granddaughers, and son-in-law live on his property. So that means to see the girls (Lexie and Ashley) that we have to meet my niece somewhere else for Christmas. Isn't that about stupid? All because my mom found out and asked how his stupid girlfriends daughter was and if she had the baby yet. Just plain crazy if you ask me. But he went off and now we can't come out there without him pulling a gun on us and if he did something like that I would probably go off because he better not dare pull a gun on me with my son with me! I don't giving a flying monkeys butt if its his property or not. He will pay for these sins majorly. So I dunno when we are really going to have Christmas. My brother David is supposed to be in OH by the 22nd and he refuses to give me any idea of what to plan to see him so I am just very Grinch like this season. Oh a better note I got my son a little toy for Christmas it isn't much but he will like it hopefully.

Well I am off to post a tweet for this giveaway thingie! Remember go click it and check it out!

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