Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jewelry Rock Star

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Today was eventful....I was almost late to work because I was sick and my alarm didn't go off and then Xay decided he was hungry...so not a good start to the morning. I worked my 2 morning hours and then decided this simply was not going to work so I took off the rest of the day.

When I got home I took Xay's temperature and it was around 99.3 (I will note since a lovely poster said this wasn't a temp that my doctor told me that a temp to worry bout was 104....but I will be damned if I let it get that high cuz that is high even for a normal adult) so I decided that I was finally going to take him to the doctor. She told me exactly what I thought and that was that he a cold. However I did learn that he now weighs 12lbs which is 2lbs 13oz up from what he was 2 weeks ago. I am in a state of shock but then again that is him living up to his original nickname of Piglet. Anyways I saw the doctor too...I have a sinus infection I knew that before I went however he insisted on testing me for H1N1, the regular flu, and strap. The latter two of course came back negative and I am 99% sure that the swine flu will be negative too. Anyways I have two nasal sprays and two different meds....which I am not planning on taking the meds unless the sprays don't work because I don't want it to affect Xay where I am breastfeeding. I did find out I weigh 135lbs so I got 10lbs to go to get back to preferred weight.

After that we went a couple other places and then came home and I wiped my computer to the factory settings and am starting all over again. Thankfully I had an external hard drive to back up the important stuff. I have been at this for 3 hours and I am almost finished thank God.

OOOH and the exciting thing of the day was that I won a $30 gift certificate from jewelryrockstar.com along with a poster. How you ask well I won a giveaway on Denene's blog MyBrownBaby. Yep I am so freaking happy cuz that is the first blog contest I have won!

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  1. Your son is beautiful! So is your whole family :)

    I love how you wrote you have 10 pounds to get to your "preferred" weight. It just sounded so optimistic!



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