Monday, December 7, 2009

Flying pepsi

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How hard is it to ask a person to move? How hard is it to know if something is close to the dirty clothes pile nine times outta ten it's dirty? How hard is it to not get mad when something is pointed out as being wrong?

I will take responsiblity for the fact that I threw an almost full pepsi at PJ. Mind you it would have only had one sip taken out had he not got mad because I told he took a dirty blanket to my mom to cover Xay and that he shouldn't known bette thus causing him to get mad and yank the blanket I was laying on causing me to spill pop on the bed and on my iPhone. Not smart. I threw the remaining almost full pepsi at him. Now I am normally not the type to throw things outta anger but God help me a woman can only take so much before she snaps. I mean for the last two weeks I have to guy friends thrown in my face constantly, he gets pissy stuff so easy, and then today was my final straw. I might not have got mad had the pop not spilled on my phone but that was the icing on the cake. A year and four months.....I have gave that much of my life up for this boy. He says he wants to be my "man." Well let me tell you when you act like one then you will be treated accordingly. Do I enjoy this relationship yeah there are fleeting moments where I am happy in it but the majority of the time I feel utterly trapped and I loathe that. Why don't I just leave word Xadrian. Because when all is said and done when my son gets old enough to start asking at least I can tell him I tried to make it I have faith it will absolutely not.

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