Monday, December 28, 2009

Family Matters

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Yesterday we went to see my biological f amily....well my brothers to be exact. My brother David is the one that came in on leave from the Army and then my half-brother Shane is the oldest. I didn't get to see my half-sister...nor my mom. For which I feel bad considering they have yet to see Xadrian.

Anyways it went really well no major fights with my parents or PJ. I got to meet Shane's new girlfriend for the first time in person. She was really nice. I walked away with like 4 bags of baby clothes from 12months down. Xay would have to wear 3 outfits a day (which sometimes he does) to even come close to wearing everything at least once. But I won't complain.

I still have to go to Diane's but over all my Christmas season is finally over. Now I am looking forward to the new year. My resolution is to eat healthier and to exercise in hopes that I will shed 10 pounds or at the very least not gain any more weight. We will see how that goes right?

Here are some more pictures:

David (21) is in the black, Me (20), Shane (23) and Ashley.

 Xadrian's uncles getting to hold him for the first time.

Xadrian sporting a couple of his new outfits.

Christmas Day at Kelly's & Jeremy's and at Aunt Carol & Russell's

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  1. I just found you on Shoulders and wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!!! Your son is beautiful!


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