Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Evilness of Snow

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It's the first snow of the season!

Do I like it? Heck no! I absolutely HATE snow. I am a fall and spring type girl. You know cool but not cold....warm but not hot. Yeah so we were only supposed to get small they are saying 1-2 inches. Yeah I am so unprepared I was going to get this snowsuit for Xay yesterday and mom said I wouldn't need it. Ha! I have ONE real winter outfit for him. Yeah I mean I got longsleve onsies but they are not thick and I got some jackets but it's all stuff you would wear in fall on a cool day not made for winter weather. I am not liking this at all. I need to make a trip to wal-mart.

Yesterday was a very good day by the way. It's the first time I can remember my parents not fighting on a trip in a long time. Mom, dad, Xay, and I went to Lexington to do some shopping. I did buy him a little snow hat and mittens at Babies R Us. We had a wonderful time and dad treated us to Golden Corral. It was good I snuck a cupcake out for PJ since he had to work and didn't get to come. But I took this picture first and Xay gave me this look right when I clicked the button.

It was priceless! He was just wanting that cupcake so bad! I find it so unreal though that he doesn't look 6 weeks old though. We were in target and I was wearing him...

and I saw this couple with a baby while I sat down at the small food place they had in the store. So nosey me I asked how old there son was...he was 8weeks and Xay made him look like a newborn. I should be all proud right? Well I am not I am utterly depressed about it cause he is growing so fast and I love and hate every minute ya know?I shouldn't complain though at least he is healthy.

Well there is my daily update. Xay is sleeping snuggled up to my side and we are on top of our electric blanket nice and warm. I feel sorry for my mom her room is probably a degree or two higher than outside.

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