Friday, December 18, 2009

Computer Woes....

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Okay so remember how I said I messed my spacebar up while cleaning my laptop? So I have the extended warranty so they sent me a refurbished on. I installed with no problems and every button works now EXCEPT my down key. So I contacted Dell once again terribly upset that and they said they were sending me a new motherboard and another keyboard along with a Dell certified Technician to fix it. So I am sitting here highly put out. Mainly because this whole thing is my own fault because I should have left well enough alone but it looked so nasty under the keys and I just couldn't take it any longer.

Anastasia contacted me about Anya. We will be getting her sometime in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. So she can open presents with us. Oh and I get to cook the meal apparently! I get to cook a turkey for the first time so I am excited. I am going to look around at some recipes for what else to cook for dinner. Any suggestions of what would be good for Christmas dinner?

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