Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve events

So today was overall a really good day. There was no battles or anything which is wonderful. I went with my mom to do newspapers in the morning; we finished around 2:30pm. I came home and straightened my hair for the first time since I had Xay and then got him and I ready for the family dinner.

Jennifer, Brookie, and Sissy (Brooks came for a few minutes but left before dinner and presents were opened), Anya (PJ's 3 year old), PJ, Mom, Dad, Xay, and I were the ones here. Rob would have been here but he has to work until 1am so we didn't open his presents.

Here are some pictures...along with a couple pictures from last week.

This was some of the best pictures of Anya with her baby brother.

This would be our first decent family picture...though PJ really
didn't look to good in it and Xay kind of matched his expresson.

These are three of the seven presents Xay received today. The Christmas book is from my mom, the first orange musical dangly thing is from me, the last dangly vibrating thing is from PJ, then he received a stuffed dog from Jennifer, and then he got a blanket, stuffed dog, and plaque from my dad.

Opening all those present tired the little guy out.

This was his first real snow (I only had him uncovered long enough to snap two pics) it is at the weather station in this county and they got 14in up there.

His eyes are officially more green then any other color there is still a little bit of blue and honey brown though.
Here he is hanging out with mom and dad at the Weather Station


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