Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby hickey

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Okay so first let me say my boppy pillow while I hate how it looks and I can't afford a cover is absolutely a God send. It is my little piece of heaven and gets used all most constantly when I am at home with the baby. I have to be a little creative about how I position it so I can be totally hands free while feeding him and typing but we get there and now I am able to type a blog without him screaming.

Anyways as I said previously we hit six weeks on Tuesday....I know I had read about the growth spurts in babies happening at 10 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months. But yeah so far we have had only one major one and that was at 3 days. It on Friday night and lasted till Sunday. So yeah my point I was getting two is we hit our 6 week growth spurt with a vengeance. He is eating every 1-1.5 hours. He usually goes 2.5-4 hours and the longest was 6....and please don't complain because I am the type of mom who believes if a baby is hungry he will let you know....and trust me when I say my son lets me know quite clear. The only reason he goes so long is because we are in the car and he loves to sleep and ride. But really though he is 6 weeks and weighs 12lbs...I am sorry but I can't wrap my head around a growth spurt at the moment. I mean jeez if he keeps this up he is going to be rolling and I don't mean because he finally manages to roll over....speaking of which we have almost accomplished that to. He goes from his back to his side and I have caught him once go from side to stomach. Which worries me because of the fact he doesn't have complete head control and yeah again I have major love for the boppy which keeps him from rolling and it helps that he sleeps with me because I feel him move.

Speaking of sleeping with me...PJ told me that his friends told him that we shouldn't let Xay sleep with us. I did not plan for him to sleep with us but once he was here it happened. Do I plan on teaching him to sleep in his crib...yeah when he is older. But I am in absolutely no hurry. If he wants to sleep with me then I am more then willing to let him curl up next to me. I am leaning more towards attachment parenting as I get further into this journey of motherhood and to be honest while I will hear out everyone's opinion I am the one that makes the decisions in the end. But what really perturbs me is the fact that PJ did not listen to me when I told him the reasons so he couldn't defend the opinion because he didn't know....or care.

Did you know a baby can suck hickeys? Yep it happens....I have one right below my elbow courtesy of my son. I was on the phone to my brother and not paying attention to how hard he was sucking cuz he was happy and then it started to hurt! I pulled my arm away and low and behold there is a nice red hickey. Fun. 

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