Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tears and Wire

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So I am running on lack of sleep....don't know what the problem was but Xay was not to be pacified with anything last night. I think the longest strech of sleep I had was 2 hours and that was a one time thing. He would eat and then the moment I moved him, he would start fussing. Then I would rock him, pat him, give him his binky, nurse him again....and still we fussed and cried and I just ready to cry I was so tired. I am still tired!

So finally I gave up around 6:45am cuz I had to get up anyways because I had to be at work at 8am. I got dressed and ready, finally woke PJ up, and then called dad to come get me. So I went to hardee's and got two ham buscuits and came to work. I was the only one here at the Library because the janitor lady. So I was eating my buscuits and then I looked down at my second one and I had a WIRE baked into it. I was NOT a happy camper! So I called dad and made him take and get my money back. They explained it to him that it was from the wire pads they use to clean with...I can believe that but still...EW!

So everyone finally dragged in about 8 meaning I was here for like 30 minutes and it was so nice. I could run this Library given a little bit more training.

But anyways PJ is texting me telling me Xay won't stop crying for him. I hate to say this but he needs to see what I deal with while he is sleeping nice and sound. But he will end up taking Xay to my mom because she can normally get him to calm down. I still feel highly put out by this but if that's what it takes to soothe my son then so be it. I can only do so much and I hate for him to cry. Sad thing was mom rocked him last night he was sorta sleeping the moment she put him in his bassinet and left the room he started fussing and I was like WTF? I am with him the majority of the time and he does not do that with me. Part of me wants to scream because I feel like she has already taken my son but I know that isn't the case she just has experience I guess....I hope that is what it is.

Oh while I am thinking about it yesterday Mom and I took Xay with us to Hazard. I had to go to the college for the Powwow thing they had and then we went got a bite to eat and then to Wal-Mart he decided he was hungry and had a huge fit in Wal-Mart (sounds like his mommy). Needless to say he got fed the moment I got to the car.

Well I am off to try and get some work done!

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