Monday, November 16, 2009

School and in-law

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Okay so there wasn't a lot that went on over the weekend besides me trying to get caught up on my college work. I have got caught up in the two classes I am going to pass; however, my astronomy teacher is failing me because I got behind when I had the baby. Which means I have to pay back $174 to fasfa. Besides that mom set up at the Appalachian Craft Fair at HCTC and we went to Hazard a couple days so I could get the research for my cultural event paper that is due on the 19th.

Today was however a very exasperating day. As I was taking Xay down to my mom this morning so I could head off to work Jo (PJ's mom) knocked on the door. I couldn't bring myself to be rude so I let her in.....hoping with everyone asleep she wouldn't stay long. I took Xay to mom and left telling Jo to go wake PJ up. So yeah she stayed until 2:30pm. I was not a happy camper at all because PJ and I had no intentions of her being around Xay and I fully blame this whole incident on my mom. To make me even more annoyed she went so far as to invite her to Thanksgiving dinner! WTF? First off PJ can barely tolerate her, second I can barely tolerate her, third I don't want her around Xay! My mom knows all this and yet she still invites her. I am not amused. And for you late comers who don't know my reasons there is a separate post about it somewhere on here.

Anyways I went to work and while I was at the college I changed my classes so I could take campus classes because I need to pull my GPA up AGAIN because pregnancy + school + work = low GPA for me. So I am now taking:

Hum 202 - Appalachian Studies 2 - Friday - 9:00am-11:40am
His 109 - History of the US since 1865 - online
Bio 122 - Intro to Conservation Biology - Monday & Wednesday - 9:30am-10:45am
PY 185 - Human Potential - Monday & Wednesday - 11:00am-12:15pm

I will still work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and every other Friday. I am going to ask for these hours so I can maintain the 14 hours I currently get.

Monday & Wednesday would be 1-3pm & 4-6pm
Tuesday will still be 9-11am & 12-2pm
Thursday will still be 8-10am
Every other Friday 9-11am & 12-2pm

I think that it will be workable because I can pump a couple bottles but mostly I will be able to be home to feed him still. If this works out which I hope it does then all I need is a Math 122 in the summer, and Math 150, a science class, and Hum 204. I will be done in December with an Associates in Arts and Appalachian Studies with Creative Writing Certificate. At that time I will decide what my real degree will be because Appalachian studies is just a minor, and I know I will go for a history minor too but I still don't know what my major will be. Time will tell.

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