Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pictures pictures pictures!

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Today wasn't that bad. We went to Lexington ato take back the books, we went to a fabric store for mom, and then we went to Mother Nurture for me and I got this thing called a belly hugger...it's awesome. It isn't made to suck your stomach in but rather to look like another shirt so your tummy don't show when you are breastfeeding. I love it! From there we went to Winchester and PJ got his stitches checked then back to Jackson.

I tracked down my Moby Wrap and I am loving it then we were off to see Shaina and baby Keevia. Let me tell you she is a doll!! It's funny how circumstances can bring back old friends. I hadn't talked to Shaina in years before I got pregnant and I have gravitated to her where she was due like 11 days after me. It's comforting to have someone that is going through the same things sorta. I dunno I guess also it helps because I lack friends....just because I am a bit of a loner kind of. I can count the people I really consider friends on one hand.

Anyways I am anxiously waiting the pictures she took of Keevia and Xadrian in Carl's hands (so tiny compared to his hands) and while doing so I decided to finally post the pictures I had been talking about!! So here you go!

Daddy Giving me a sponge bath since
my cord had yet to fall off.
My first real bath two days later when my cord decided it was time to go!

Uncle Rob holding his first
nephew for the first time!

Daddy and Son drifting off to sleep...maybe.

Halloween the pumpkin suit was not a winner so we changed to the more casual clothes.

Xay and his family. The little girl is PJ's daughter
Anya who is 3.

Whelp that is all the pictures for the time being I am off to post pictures on Myspace and Facebook.

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