Sunday, November 1, 2009

Peace of mind

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So I argued slightly with my mom about what was causing Xay to be so fussy. She said it was cause I was holding him to much and I thought it was gas still. Of course everytime she would pick him up he would stop; it was frustrating.

My friend Ashley came over last night and came to the same conclusion as me; so off to wal-mart we went. Mylicon gas drops have become my hero like 10 seconds after I gave a dose to him he stopped crying. Thank God!

Anastasia, Dale, and PJ's daughter came by last night so Anya could meet her baby brother and so her dad her costume. We need to see her more now that life is straightening out. She wouldn't hardly mess with PJ and she just wasn't so sure bout her baby brother now that he isn't in my tummy.

Well Xay is almost done nursing so I will end here. I will post holloween pics later.

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