Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me Monday


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. As for goes:

It wasn't I was awake a good portion of the night with Xadrian. It wasn't me who just wanted to sleep in rather then get up for work. I did not forget my dad had to go out of town and ended up walking to work in the cold. Of course once then again it's not me who is terrified by the basement of the Library because it is so empty of life and just down right creepy and cold. I didn't leave work five minutes early because of then need to see my son and to feed him even though he wasn't crying just yet. It is not me who just realized today just how close Christmas is and franticly flipped through a leaked version of the black Friday Wal-Mart ad in hopes to get the rest of my Christmas shopping done. I did not tell my boyfriend and my mom that I was going to Texas next year to see my brother and then tell them they didn't have a choice that I was going even if they didn't like it and they weren't coming with me. It wasn't me that felt like my heart would explode in fear at the thought of leaving my son for the weekend to go see my brother. It wasn't me that was happily excited by the fact that I got all three of my library books today by Dr. Sears. It of course it wasn't me who proceed to skive off work for twenty minutes so I could flip through The Breastfeeding Book. And finally it isn't me who is sitting here typing this with a smile on my face because I know by the time the lady gets back to take over the computer from me that it will be almost time for me to go home to my son.


  1. Good for you for standing up for yourself!
    But I would SO take Xay with you. No way I'd go to Texas (or anywhere for that matter) without Keevs!

    Keep it up girl, you ARE your own person, and you ARE an adult. Continue acting like one!

    P.S. Where's this leaked Wal-mart ad?

  2. Stopping by from MckMama's...

    I am also planning a trip next year, and it will be the first time I leave my daughter for more than a day of work. I am PETRIFIED. Wait... wait... in the spirit of "Not Me!", I guess I am *not* petrified.


  3. I'm not afraid of basements either. Not me.


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