Friday, November 20, 2009

Meeting people

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Today has been a very interesting one. It started off really slow and then noon rolled around and we were off!

PJ and I took Xay to see his Grandma while she was at the process he met his Great-Uncle Phil (I think that was the one because jeez there is so many of them) and his Great-Uncle Ralph's wife. His Grandma gave us some money to spend on him which went for diapers and a money order for his birth certificate. After a trip to Wal-Mart it was off to take him to meet his Great-Uncle Charlie, his wife, and Xay's cousin (note I did not say first cousin because she isn't) Alex who is Ashley's (PJ's sister) daughter but Charlie and Tammy have full custody of her. Anyways if that isn't just confusing huh?

*pauses* Okay I had hoped to post longer but Xay is throwing a fit....

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