Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meeting the family

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So yesterday mom and I took Xay to Greensburg to allow moms family and friends to get to meet him for the first time. We stayed all night at my Aunt Carol's farm. I always like staying there because she is such a good cook and so is her husband I learned this morning. We also went to see my brother and my niece and great-nieces. Good fun.

It's a 3 hour drive one way; it is very boring. Xay likes to ride apparently. He slept almost the whole way. He was a very good baby the whole trip.

We got home around 8 and I am so glad to be laying in my bed however I wish PJ would act a little better. I dunno... He wanted to go get food, said he hadn't ate all day and I was like why did u wait till we got home? I mean I would have...I just wanted to spend time with him and he is acting like a prick and I feel rather put out. I think he just missed Xay.

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