Thursday, November 5, 2009


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I hate the fact that the moment Xay goes to my mom he stops crying, I hate that PJ complains because it takes me a little bit longer to put a diaper on and that Xay cries while I do it and he doesn't when PJ does it. I hate that they are constantly picking at me when it comes to my son. I hate that they make me feel inadequate.

How can they say anything when I am the one that is up all night with him? How can they say that the only reason he likes me is cuz I am his food source? How can they say anything like that with no concern even if they are joking about how it makes me feel?

I am hurt quite frankly and I hate that they can soothe my son so easily when I struggle with getting him to stop crying unless I am feeding him.

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  1. *shurgs* just do like me, and put the boob in his mouth everytime he cries. Works like a charm.

    Right now, when you have him, he smells you and knows that you got the goods -- that's all he can associate with you from the smell. In a few more weeks he'll be more alert and will associate more than just food from you -- it doesn't mean that he thinks of you as just food, but he sees nursing as comfort.

    Whenever we bathe Keevia, or I know she needs a diaper change, I always feed her on one side, and then change her or bathe her or whatever, so I know she'll be nice and comforted when we're done with the "traumatic" act.

    Carl can put Keevs back to sleep when I can't, simply because he doesn't smell like nursing. However, if I put her to the breast, she falls asleep in 2 minutes, and doesn't fuss near as much. So, I usually just put her to the breast. I don't feel like its spoiling her, it's just that she needs the comfort right then, and thats how I give it to her.


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