Thursday, November 19, 2009

For the love of gingerbread houses!

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Okay so I am sitting at work watching the main desk (again my favorite part of my job) and watching Barbie put together the gingerbread house. Now if you have ever had to put up a lifesize (meaning 1-4 year olds can play in it) house you know it ain't easy. When you throw in decorating it to look like a gingerbread house well she's having a rough time. Luckily the one thing I have had to do was cut and paint plates to look like shingles. She is currently creating gumdrops and then onto placing candycanes. I am happy this wasn't left to us (student-workers) it wouldn't be pretty. But yeah I must remember to take a picture of the finished product and paste it on this post at a later date.
Xay is gassy....I mean he let gas off all last night which meant he would wake slightly and fuss and then drift off to sleep. I felt bad because I think it was the pizza that I ate...that I didn't want to eat. I don't know really....I need to start eliminating foods to see what it is giving him gas but jeez I don't eat a lot of things as is you start elminating foods and I will be a very grouchy hungry person. I say that in all seriousness I get downright hateful when I get hungry...when I was little I wouldn't tell my mom I was hungry but I would get to the point that she could barely stand me.....and karma is coming back at me because Xay already has a temper when it comes to wanting to eat. Oh the joys I have to look forward to when he gets older (note the sarcasm). Mind you I do look forward to the things I will get to do with him as he ages but he is already his mommys child in personality so God help me.

Well I am off to check school I have a paper to write and I am having bad writers block.

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