Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doctor Doctor....and bad tempers

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So today was very productive. I did the usual work thing....I only got called home to feed once. Then it was off to take Xay is to his one month well baby doctor visit. He is now 9.13lbs and 22 1/2" which puts in right on the 50% average for weight and above average on height.We all of course figured he was going to be tall. The doctors visit went well though we made it through for the first time without having to feed and without having major fits.

After that I went to the chiropractor and had my back seen about and then came home and I have now been sorting my music files for the last 3 hours. Xay had a huge fit around 9:10 and would not be calmed so after many failed attempts to get him to calm down; it was finally 9:30 which was when I have started giving him a bath so into the bath he went with my mom coming up to see just what was wrong with him, which was nothing by the way. So he loved the bath but didn't like it when he had to be dried off and lotion applied. So finally he was ready and he nursed till he fell asleep and has been asleep for a little over two hours at this point so I am patiently waiting for him to decide he is hungry.

That is my day. I got to work tomorrow 8-10am so I need to be getting to bed and since my iphone is done syncing that is exactly what I am going to do.

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