Saturday, November 21, 2009

DIY Baby pics


I don't think I need to say anything they speak for themselves. My dad took these the other day while I was gone to work with a regular digital camera. Apparently he was in a posing mood while laying on the couch with his binky. I am loving what the white color does for his eyes.

Today was the first time in a long time that his daddy and I took him out for any length of time. Normally it is my mom, Xay and I. Anyways, as I was saying PJ and I took Xay to the Juanita's and let her see the baby for the first time. He was so good for her...he normally sleeps through visits but this time he was bright eyed. She loved him to death. After we left there it was off flea market up in Hazard and then got a bite to eat before we came back home. He done super good it was the first time I hadn't had to breastfeed while being out. He is starting to wait longer in between feedings. Much comfort. Anyways it has been a wonderful day and even as I right this and he has finally stopped crying and is sleeping on the boppy pillow on my lap I wouldn't trade these moments for the world.


  1. How blessed you are esp. to realize how precious these moments are. Happy SIts share fest day!

  2. I heart his receeding hair line. *grins*


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