Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bitter complaints

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So I had the realization just seconds ago that I have followers! Since when did this happen and how did I miss it?? So to those of you following my blog...Hello! I hope that you would take a moment to post a comment doesn't matter what just stop in and say hi! And give you all the first nice picture I got of my son and I.

So my as I am sure that you know I wrote a lovely post about my brother on Sunday. One of his friends decided he wanted to be my friend. Shouldn't be a problem should it? Wrong. PJ choices to be a prick about it making snide remarks every time I get on the computer. Okay so first of he knew that 99.5% of my friends are guys BEFORE he started dating me. Yet he still wants to whine and complain. I don't care to make new friends...actually since I am at a shortage I enjoy it. It isn't like I a running around all the time. Nope. PJ and mom keep me on a short leash and I have NO friends that I EVER go with. Now where is the fairness when he goes to town EVERY night to hang out with his friends. I see absolutely none but I am certainly not complaining. Nope not me....I a slightly bitter but that is life.

Moving on because I could rant about that for hours. School is going better. I am now up to date except for the this weeks assignments. Awesome right? I am well on my way to passing theses two classes.

As for Xay he is doing great except for the fact that he has a extremely bad case of the sniffles. I now have a hot steam humidifier in my room and am also using saline. I am hoping that it will clear up his nose. We will see. He is still growing like a weed.....and still looking like he is going bald. *sniffle* But besides that he is good.

But I have company so I will run hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and I will post pictures tomorrow or so.

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