Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where oh Where did the time go?

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So I am apparently an earlier riser then my dad, *gasp* he is of course normally the first person who is normally up and out of the house but I beat him up today. Which I will assume the only reason that I was the first one up was my constant need to pee throughout the night. I am serious between 10pm and 8am I went to pee once an hour for the most part there was a two hour stretch there but that was only once. I also had the realization the I feel like I am leaking....I am glad I see my midwife tomorrow because I want to make sure if that is my fluid or what. Blagh.

I can't believe the weekend is already over and tomorrow is work. :( Tomorrow is also Monday (shush I know I stated the obvious!) which means my son is due Friday...I am in a state of shock. When did the last 9 (actually I still think from there counting is 10) months fly by? Not that I am complaining of course I just can't believe it. To top it off the year is almost over too! I mean oh my goodness I have Thanksgiving right around the corner, Black Friday which means I need to start saving, and Christmas is like 9 weeks away!! When did all this happen???

Last night was full of fur-balls. Chitty Chitty decided that fur-ball #1 (Who shall forever be called Man-Man) was not quite as bad as she first thought. Mom thought she would be to take fur-ball #2 (who is still nameless) and keep her downstairs but that did work out at all. So in my small cubical that is my room...I now have 3 cats and soon to be a baby. Wow.

Whelp I got to finish getting ready for Church there will be another post later tonight.

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