Saturday, October 31, 2009

What goes in must come out

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So Xay was rather fussy before we went to bed last night. The reason is still unknown; though, I think he might have been gassy due to his refusal all day to burp. But he seems to calm for a little while if laid on his stomach.

We finally fell into routine feeding when we went to bed. However at 3:30am he needed to be changed and so I set to the task. I was not at all prepared when I got his diaper off for him to poop. But that is exactly what he did and it shot everywhere! It covered my quilt, my hand, his diaper pad...just very messy and then when I just about got him cleaned back up and ready to put his diaper on he peed! Now mind you I was still in a sleep hazed mind so I was very put out by what happened. But we finally got cleaned up and a new quilt was located and we were back off to sleep.

I am having minor issues with getting to full and leaking all over my nursing bra. I must invest in a new one Monday. I need to locate a piece of string so I can remember which boob to feed him!

Speaking of Monday it's going to be a busy day! I have to take him to Sunshine in the morning at 10 to be checked out, then I am going to the Perry County Health Department to get the proper WOC because breathitt is screwed up and apparently doesn't believe in breastfeeding. I also get a pump which I still have reservations about but it will help when I get to full due to forgetting which boob and Xay won't eat. Breathitt told me I couldn't have one until I was 6 weeks postpartum. So that's at 12:30 and then finally I get to have a check up with Carrie at 2:45 and I am hoping she will give me the okay to work because I really need the money for bills. I will miss being with Xay but I will only be working 4 hours with a hour break in between so I will hopefully be able to feed him then. I hate the idea of leaving him....but what else can I do? I have Nov and Dec bills and then work ends from Dec 15 till Jan 11th ane I need to have enough saved to pay Jan bills. So I need about $600 to last 3 months of bills. At least tax season is coming fast.

I will post pictures of Xay in his holloween outfit later when we both wakeup.

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