Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things I like as a Mom to be

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Okay so I started thinking about all the things I have fallen in love with since I got pregnant while there isn't a lot and I am sure that the list of things I love since I have the baby will make this look small here are a few things that have been helpful.

Pirates In Pajamas - Steffanie Raff
I stumbled across her website while listening to one of the few podcasts I have fallen in love with. She believed that storytelling should be started early and was a lot different then just sitting and reading a book to your child. I have to say I immediately fell in love with the idea. She also had a lot of cute rhymes and songs for babies that entertain my surrogate niece and nephew while they are at my house and I cannot wait to try them with my son as well. You can find the .pdf file for the rhymes by clicking here.

Babies and Moms Radio
I have had an iphone for several months now and up until 2 weeks ago never really consider the idea of listening to podcasts. However I got bored of constantly listening to music and decided that it was time to change. I downloaded several random podcasts and this is the only one I have stuck with. These are real mothers talking about real things they are going through with there kids. These moms are big into baby signing and breastfeeding. The have wonderful interviews with people and also wonderful reviews of products. All around a very interesting podcast for moms and moms to be.

American Baby Magazine
I am not sure how I ended up with a free subscription to this magazine or any of the others that I have ended up with over the last few months but I did and this was the one that I really love the most. From articles to products the show it is very informative and I have found it very helpful.

Baby Center
Okay I had been familiar with this website for many years so when I got pregnant it was just natural that I sign up and it became my main source of all my pregnancy information. It has tons of information about what to expect while you are pregnant and this particular site offers information to expect all the way up into toddler years. For those of you who don't know the website click here.

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