Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stupid little me

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So after packing all of his stuff and kicking him out and finally cooling down, I decided to talk to him and give him one last chance. Because I want to have hope that he will change and I want him to have the chance to be in his sons life because if I do break up with him I will be moving about 3 hours away from him, so he won't really have that chance to see his son. So I set rules this time and if he breaks the rules then he is out of chances.

Here are the rules:
1. No sex or sexual touching. Kissing, hugs, and a occasional butt grab is fine. True love waits remember that.

2. You will go to Church with me without a fight....if I go you go. Vespers is optional however.

3. You will not go out a night for "a few minutes" and be gone hours without txting me and telling me where you are and when you will be home.

4. You will be home by 11:30pm every night

5. You will began refraining and helping me refrain from cussing.....we don't want Xay cussing when he is little thus we need to set a good example.

6. No talking to other girls without telling me who they are and how they are connected to you. That means through txt, im, myspace, facebook or whatever else. I will do the same.

7. This a partnership not a one sided thing, everything we do when it comes to the relationship and Xay should be equal. I should not be the sole desicion maker.

8. You have to carry your part in communicating. If I have a conversation I do not want to feel like I am talking to a wall. You talk back to me meaning give me your input, if you don't have any idea what I am talking about tell me and I will explain it. Ignorance is not an excuse, do you really want your son to be smarter then you by the time he is 10?

9. Your driving needs to improve....meaning when there is a stop sign stop, if the light is yellow slow down not speed up, if there is a car pulling out let it, if there is another stupid driver on the road bite your tongue and deal with it, do not speed (70 in a 55 is unacceptable.....same as 85 and 90 in a 70 is unacceptable). You are not endangering just your life, but the life of your family and my family.

10. If I catch you cheating ever again in any way shape or form (which is based on my sole judgement) then there will be no more chances. You will be gone and I will not look back.

11. No lieing

So hopefully he can follow them. If not then he is on his own.

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