Friday, October 16, 2009

Reflections of the day

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Okay so today was a good major fights and I got the majority of what I wanted to accomplish done...means a very good start to make three day weekend. I am at the moment the only one in my house which the thought leaves me unsettled because this house is creepy but on the other hand it makes for some quiet me time.

Last night was filled with BH contractions....I was so hopeful but my hopes were dashed of course by them not being regular *sighs* I do believe that he will be here on the 21st...ever get that feeling that something will happen a certain time? If he doesn't then I will firmly believe that he will not come on his due date and I will end up having to be induced. Quite frankly I am trying to keep my mind occupied so I don't think about it but with this huge tummy poking out to the point that I cannot properly tie my robe it just doesn't work.

Back to today....I slept in sadly (the routine of the week is broke) and I will say I felt absolutely horrible when I did wake up an hour later then what I normally do. I mean my body was telling me I should have gotten up long before what I did. But it was okay. By noon however I was itching to get out of the house and that is just what I did. I wanted to go to the new library they built in Hazard, get some face cream, and a pair of lounge/sweat pants that I could wear anywhere (because my pants are limited and pink and green do not go with everything like dark gray does). All three things were accomplished with ease and I had a wonderful lunch with PJ at Dairy Queen and we came home.

Rachel came over for a while and we talked. She is my eccentric, artistic, God loving friend who if you don't know her you would probably think her very weird. Sometimes I still do but she is a dear friend and those of you who don't know I have very few people that are friends so I will keep her thank you very much. We had a wonderful conversation and then she finally left a little bit after PJ came back home.

So I ate a whole thing of kit kats (it was a 8 pack minus 2 and I ate the rest) and talked to my parents a little then came up here in hopes of doing some of my school work but alas blackboard truly hates me and locks my browsers up so instead I am sitting here writing to my lovely readers....or lack of readers. Waiting for my parents to come home because PJ has abandoned me gone with my blessing to the home football game. I figure it is better then watching him on my XBox 360 or arguing with him over the computer. It is also day 3 of the rules and he has yet to break them....I am proud.

Whelp I am hungry and while I do not know what I will manage to drag up I guess I will brave the loneliness of the house to raid the kitchen. Oh and we officially have heat in the kitchen and dining room! YAY!

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