Thursday, October 29, 2009


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Today was sort of productive? I guess that's the right way to sum it up. Xay and I were up every 2 hours last night and then finally crawled out of bed around 9 this morning. We stayed downstairs all day long.

Mom finally got herself a car. It's a '98 chevrolet cavalier, 4 door, red with silver tinted windows. I haven't seen it close up but she is happy with it. It got put in my name so insurance would be cheaper. I feel robbed however; mom and PJ's cars are both in my name and what do I have? Nothing. It perturbs me.

Virgina came by and saw the baby and chatted with me. It's pretty cool to have conversations with people. I miss the interaction desperately. I love my family but they do not stimulate my brain and PJ really doesn't have conversations with me. I miss talking about stuff that matters and interests me.

Xay is out like a light and I think I am going to get some rest. I am hoping to rearrange his clothes tomorrow, and start getting caught up on my school. I don't like the idea of the last part but it's a must.

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