Monday, October 12, 2009


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Okay so I decided about two nights ago that I would try the castor oil right? Well in my need for pictures I realized that if I went into labor that I would not have any decent pregnancy pictures!! Oh the horror!! So at 10:30pm I was putting on makeup and fixing my hair (which has been a very rare happening since July), at 11:00pm PJ and my dad were snapping pictures, and finally by 12:00pm I was editing the pictures and did not get finished till around 1:30am. Now I thought they were ok but when I got to Wal-Mart I realized that hey these are good, only because they lady who was getting her professionally done wedding pictures asked who done my pictures and the woman at the counter said she wanted to see the original because they were copyrighted to which I said I will show you the orignals on my digital camera if you like. So here they are.

I told him he would never make a good model but then this one turned out and I was so proud of him! He looks like he is listening so intently doesn't he? I wonder if he heard anything other then my tummy growling in hunger.

Now originally the cat had these glowing possessed yellow eyes and I could not tolerate them at all. Then the editor I was using had this button for animal eyes which was similiar to fixing red eyes. I used it and ended up with a kitten that looked fake. But I promise Chitty Chitty is real and I will post pictures of her real soon.

I do believe these are my two favorite ones that I managed to get. There was actually several but these were my favorites.


So there were well over 60 pictures but these were the ones that I thought good enough to edit and to also post. Now many people are like I can't believe you would show your body like that. I simply look at it this way. I am not trying to be sexual. I am simply perserving this moment in my life in an artistic way.

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  1. Beautiful photos! You all did great with them! :)

    I found your blog at MBC and am following you!
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