Monday, October 26, 2009

Picky Picky

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So Xay went back to Dr. Smoot today to make sure his jaundice was clearing up and that his weight was on track. We went about 12pm and sat for an hour almost. There were 3 kids in the other room adorned with face masks because they were being tested for h1n1. It's not bad cases yet but there is always the chance and I am glad at times like these that I decided to breastfeed. Anyways we finally got back and he weighs 7lbs 12oz which he weighed 7lbs 4oz on Friday so I was right about a growth spurt upping his nursing. His jaundice is clearing up; however, he has a slight murmur too his heart. She said no worries and I don't worr bout it cuz I had one when I was younger that cleared up.

So I tried pacifiers today...I had some playtex binkys that are shaped like a nipple and then i had nuk orthodonic (sp?). I tried the playtex first and he flat out refused to take it. However the moment I offered him the nuk we were off. Haha. So hopefully when we are fussy and it's obviously not hunger or need of a diaper change we can settle for a pacifier. Because at this point the only way to stop him from crying is to let him nurse.

PJ gets 4 wisdom teeth cut out tomorrow. I think his brother and my mom are taking him because I would be no help. So I get to stay home with the baby. Hopefully I can catch up on some rest and some school. I do feel sorry for me considering I will be taking care of PJ and the baby for the next couple of days. No regrets though.

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  1. How beautiful is this blog... I saw the photos... how beautiful is ur baby!!!
    Some day I will see you again!!!
    Miss uuu
    send kiss for everyone


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