Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh My Word!

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I realize that unlike in the past I am not a very good blogger I have so much going on in my life that this isn't very important anymore and yet I cannot make myself give it up. Very weird.

I am now 2 weeks away from my due date. 38 weeks today. I can't believe it. I have tried my best to have this little bundle since I reached full term at 37 weeks and yet he is so stubborn already. I have tried walking, tried sex, tried castor oil and even spicy foods for that matter. Nothing works! Most people are like pregnancy was so wonderful and yet I find myself thinking you can't be serious. I do feel a connection with my son however I am more then ready to get him out of my stomach. Maybe if the circumstances had of been different I would have loved being pregnant who knows but the truth it I just want to have my son in my arms rather then in my watermelon looking tummy. I am ready to start forming the other connection with him. Anything has got to be better then this.

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