Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jealous Pregnancy Woes

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So I am sure by now you all have figured out that I am simply tired of being pregnant and am simply ready to hold my son in my arms no matter what other issues follow they do not matter. I just want to be unpregnant and I do not want to get pregnant again for many many MANY years down the road.

I have so much respect for Mrs. Duggar who has 18 kids ages 21 years to like 10 months, who her oldest son and his wife had their first daughter, and who is pregnant who is pregnant with her 19th child. 19 children birthed by her. Wow. I just don't believe I could ever do that. I would be pulling my hair out after the first 5. But she is doing it in great spirits and in love with God. So I do believe that must make it so much easier.

I have so many people who are also pregnant that I know. There due dates surround me like a little blanket. Yet sitting here I find myself insanely jealous of the fact the ones that are due after me just might in fact have their baby before me. And that makes me stop...why am I in such a hurry? Maybe that is why this little bundle doesn't want to come out, because if he is like his momma then he doesn't like to be rushed into nothing and thus brings me to the stage that I am in at this present moment. I give up! When he decides to come then he comes I reckon as much as I hate saying that. I do not see any point when I have tried just about everything to have him other then patience. I do however, find it incredibly annoying when someone asks me how much longer everytime they see me. I have 9 more days to wait till his due date and then if he doesn't come I have a week to wait after the due date before they will induce. So maybe I will eat the words I spoke so many many months ago "I hope he waits till Halloween!" Yeah I wish I had never said that.

Anyways I must get back to the joys of work.

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