Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hormones and lack of sleep

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We finally got to bring Xay home yesterday evening. I was so happy to be back in my own bed even if it was just two hours at a time. Xay really has been a perfect angel. He peed on his dad which I found utterly amusing.

PJ and I are off to a rocky start. I am guessing he thought when Xay was born I would go back to be who I was before I got pregnant and I will never be that person again. Also he doesn't understand that my hormones are not normal yet which means I am just as moody as when I was pregnant and that means severe clashes between us. So let's pray I do not kill him before our son is a week old.

Today was the first day I was on my own with nurses constantly checking on me or wanting his vitals. I gave him a sponge bath (which he hates by the way) and got him dressed. He was so bright eyed. Chitty Chitty has done really well with him only coming close enough to see what's going on when he does cry before backing away quickly. Man Man and Little Bit got evicted last night when I got home. I can handle one cat in my room....I could have possibly handled the other two if it weren't for the fact that they have such long hair that they just can't stay clean when they go to the bathroom and I just can't handle that.

I have to take Xay to see doctor Smoot today. Doctor Kassar wa rather insistent that Xay's weight and yellowish color needed to be checked. I am not at all happy about having to take my newborn where people with swine flu have been but I think she has a waiting room strictly for non sick kids. So that offers a little comfort.

Well I will end here Xay is sleeping next to me at the moment but it will be time for him to eat in just a little bit. By the way I love breastfeeding.

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